William Litwa

editor | colorist | artist

New Sky Productions

I work full-time as an editor at New Sky Productions in Nashua, NH where I cut a wide variety of commercials focused on storytelling. Before working at New Sky Productions, I worked as an editor and producer at Gravity Free Productions in New York, NY.

Silver Lit Studio

I work as a freelance film colorist through Silver Lit Studio. I have worked in post-production for over five years, and in color (first photographically, then in film) for ten years. I've worked on a wide variety of films, from a music video for Sigur Rós, to a commercial for a resort in Honduras, to various fictional and documentary shorts.

Photographic Art

My photographic work is based off of concepts found in both contemporary theoretical physics and mythology, and is meant to act not as a bridge between the two, but as a bridge to new ideas and concepts. Or, in other words, it synthesizes the two fields creating an experiential work.


I have an MFA in Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, where I also studied Visual Journalism, and a BA in Studio Art / Emphasis in Photography from UALR in Little Rock, AR.